County Legislature
District 1 Legislator
Douglas J. Jobson
District 2 Legislator
Michael M. Grant

District 3 Legislator
Jay Hood, Jr.
Vice Chairman

District 4 Legislator
Ilan S. Schoenberger

District 5 Legislator
Lon M. Hofstein
Deputy Minority Leader 

District 6 Legislator
Alden H. Wolfe

District 7 Legislator
Philip Soskin

District 8 Legislator
Toney L. Earl
Deputy Majority Leader

District 9 Legislator
Christopher J. Carey
Minority Leader

District 10 Legislator
Harriet D. Cornell

District 11 Legislator
Richard C. Diaz

District 12 Legislator
Joseph L. Meyers

District 13 Legislator
Aron B. Wieder
Majority Leader

District 14 Legislator
Aney Paul

District 15 Legislator
Patrick J. Moroney

District 16 Legislator
John A. Murphy

District 17 Legislator
Nancy Low-Hogan, Ph.D.



Rockland County Legislature
11 New Hempstead Rd
New City, NY 10956

Laurence O. Toole
Clerk to the Legislature

(845) 638-5100
(845) 638-5675

Mary Widmer
Deputy Clerk



1st and 3rd Tuesday of
every month at 7 p.m.

The Public is invited to speak at regularly scheduled Full Legislative Meetings.
The Public Participation session is for a duration of 40 minutes -- 2 minutes allocated per speaker.
Those seeking to speak can sign up 45 minutes before the scheduled starting time at the offices of the County Legislature at the above address.

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